Is a scam/fake site?

No. is a legitimate Community/Profile site with a limited free membership.

What is is a kinky Community/Profile site with a focus on BDSM.

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5 years ago

Fetlife is a “social network” of kinky/fetish folks;

– Lot’s to look at, photos, videos, ect…
– Any group you could imagine exists on Fetlife
-LOTS of people to friend
– Group Meetups

– There are two photo streams, one called “Kinky & Popular” for the “paying” customer…then “Fresh & Pervy” for everyone else. Yes, to watch videos, view your own feed beyond a day, and just generally do anything beyond Facebook-esk friending and liking things, they ask for a $5/month “donation”. The break down of the “Fresh & Pervy” photo stream is 50% monster-sided cocks belonging to men who apparently can’t find anyone willing to take them on, 50% of folks that REALLY love a particular fetish such as gas masks, latex, whipping, ball gags, ect…, and take 50,000 photos in one sitting and share them ALL, 50% are older individuals in various poses of taboo and kink, 50% are lure bait used by camgirls and models to get you to their profile where they sell panties, Skype time, “custom” videos, and “custom” photoshoots for ridiculous prices, 50% are simply photos of people that just like to gloat about how much sex they’re having that you’re not having, gloating how amazing their bodies are and how much it gets them laid, or simply just gloating about how kinky they are, and the remainder are couples trying to find a third, guys who want to get laid ASAP, and reposted porno.

-95% of the groups are dead, with the remaining 5% moving like molasses in the Antarctic. You’re lucky to see a post per week in a single thread.

– Yep, you’ll get a huge friends list…which primary consists of camgirls/models, taken individuals who are looking for everything from inner-enlightenment to being some random dudes third fucktoy he uses as bait to attract other fucktoys to increase the size of his sex kitten slave harem, and of course the faux profiles (yes, FL allows faux profiles)

– It’s like AA, but for those who want more sex. (No, I’ve never been to one, I enjoy my privacy too much, but I’ve been to other similar “meet-ups” and they’re all the same…support group type meetings)

So, if you’re looking for the kinky Facebook, Fetlife is the place for you… if you want a dating site, kinky match-up site for to achieve a threesome, or simply want to meet people to have casual encounters with…look elsewhere.

5 years ago

Excellent site for community, munches, events, and networking.
Not a dating site, but there are groups/forums that allow ad posting
As a result, the amount o f fakes and scammers is VERY low, since there is practically no ground for them to do their thing
This should be at the top of your list imho.

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