Review of kinky site|Everyones KinkyIs a scam/fake site?

No. is a legitimate CommunityProfile site with a free membership.

What is is a kinky Community/Profile site with a focus on BDSM.

Everyone’s Kinky Grade B Site Type Community/Profile
Community Rating n/a Cost Free
Feature Rating 6.5/10 Status Active


More Details on is a free social network for those interested in bdsm and kink.

Searchable profiles: The search feature on Fetster is pretty extensive. Unlike other sites you can search for a variety of different variables such as age, sexuality, weight, and even what interests they have selected.

User Videos: Fetster does allow its users to share videos. However, the videos must be hosted on another site. So you can’t upload your own, but you can link them from elsewhere.

Community: Fetster doesn’t offer any chat functions, but it does have a few community features. It offers groups for its members to join, blogs, forums, event listings, and classifieds.

Verified Users: Fetster tries to eliminate fakes on its site with the Verified User feature. Verified Users are people who have sent pictures of themselves holding Fetster signs to the admins. It’s not a perfect plan, but at least they try.

Free Messaging: Fetster offers free messaging for all of it’s members. You can send and receive messages to/from any user at any time. It’s up to you whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Customisation: The site also allows users to customise their dashboard and profile through moveable widgets and html.


Did we miss anything? Tell us about your experience with!

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Snuggly Thundy
1 year ago


This site was bad from the start. I gave the site 3 chances but nope, they all failed. First, I nearly got scammed out of everything, then this person asked for my address and money, I had to get out of there again. The third time, I uncovered several cases of buying/selling slaves, which is illegal. I talked to a slave in one of those dungeons and tried to get her to realize what was going on but she didn’t get it…it was already too late for me. This is why Fetster needs to be taken down, because it’s full of illegal activity and the mods don’t see it. Then the mods or the admin ban people for speaking out against them.

3 years ago

Fetster are not a good place, Majority of account are not active for many years. The admins are very fast to delete account for absolutely Nothing , so dont waste your your time there.

4 years ago

The person below is associated and working with Fetster. This website is supposed to give 3rd party reviews, not biased and self promoting views. The pattern is obvious with what the reviewer says compared with the same previous post to defend their reputation. Patterns you look for: Great site, free, stop trying to expose us.

4 years ago

Fetster is a great site.
Stop whining and start getting involved in the community.
No one is on just one dating site anyway and fetster is free.
If you are some nasty looking troll then you are not going to get any regardless of where you go.

5 years ago

As a “charter member” of, I must take great exception to the favorable review posted here. promised to be a truly member driven/community site, and has sadly NOT lived up to promises nor expectations. is basically an inactive site, where members seem to be members “in name” only, that is they are inactive and there seem to be never any updates at the site. This is unfortunate as it promised to truly become a member-centered, BDSM community friendly, active site. The admins have sadly NOT kept up with current technology, nor in any way publicize/popularize the site, therefore, extremely low, if any, participation is evident at the site. This should be rated NEGATIVE stars, and/or Two-Thumbs DOWN! This site is an Epic FAILURE!

5 years ago

Agree, I just read some of the people reviewing this website and some of them say “no scammers” and also very good at dealing with scammers. There are always scammers including some of these post here.

5 years ago

It’s funny that anyone would think that a website URL would even make a difference. As though there’d be scammers “over there” and not “over here”. Guess what? You can hop websites and so can all the humans you’re trying to avoid. To put it as clearly as possible: Wherever there is potential for scamming or stupidity, there will be scammers and stupid people. The only way to escape the moron-a-thon that is 95% of humanity is to cozy up to a PlayStation alone.

5 years ago how do I love thee?

1 free

2 no ads

3 no scammers

4 warnings everywhere to check for scammers

5. Lots of PUSSY! That’s right I said it. 100 percent two thumbs up.

5 years ago

Steve P. says:
August 24, 2016 at 2:48 am
After being harrassed for turning town a “MistressL” on the site i suddenly was finding my account was being erased, i figured a glitch so made another account and it was deleted a day or less later. Their main issue with me it seems was i didnt agree with having to “tribute” before i could speak with someone and get to know them better. They say its a zero fake/findom site but i think that is bogus, try it out….get an account and message a Dom/Domme. Simply tell them you want to know more about them before you make any tributes, i guarantee your account vanishes over night. This site is a money scam, maybe not illegal but still a scam.

Speed freak
5 years ago

I love Just because a bunch of lazy pro Domina can’t get on the site and make money and competitors have to write a bunch of crappy reviews doesn’t mean the site is bad.

This is what competitors do they go and write a bunch of bad reviews to try to take down another site. But at the end of the day I love the site and I will continue to use it.

There’s so many fine pretty girls on the site and just because a girl doesn’t write you back because she’s not interested in you doesn’t mean the site is bad.

There are always scammers on every site and if you’re dumb enough to fall for it then you’re a fool and you deserve what you get.

It’s like on every profile page they tell you in big red letters to check people out get their ID talk to them on the phone and see them on a web camera. When a girl doesn’t want to talk or verify and seems sketchy I click the flag button.

I want to meet people I don’t want to sit around all day and negotiate with a bunch of clowns in a group.

If you got your profile deleted you probably deserved it I’m heartbroken that 40 people on the Internet cry because they got booted off a legit site with a ton of users. does a great job at weeding out the fakes. gets a ten out of ten.

5 years ago

No backlinks from fetster, no links from fetster to this site. No group post stated to review this site. Same person, same style, same order.
Too many people have been harassed, too many people have been scammed. They know they’re lieing, they know how bad they’re lieing and they know that people are aware of what they’re doing yet they’re still doing it.

Even the people in the forum on the website has made a statement:

I swear 90% of the people on this site are scammers | Forum
Topic location: Forum home » General » General Chat

kylesesh Apr 12, 02:44PM
Ive spoken to a few people over the past few days, and other than one or two, i’ve had like six people message me, asking to join Adult Friend Finder and other premium pay dating sites in order to continue speaking with them… Any chance we can purge this.
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ProxyMN May 7, 10:57AM
You should report them bro!
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Mok3115 May 11, 07:25PM
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Rugbywhip Sep 17, 01:34PM
all these sites are money making scams , you have to fight your way past them and try to find real people if you can
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Blkfreedom Sep 25, 07:20PM
i agree with you but i also find this true on regular dating sites, most people are there or here because they are bored in their real lives but too scared to really attempt to get into this lifestyle so they secretly will register and post to live out their fantasies, desires or dreams behind a hidden profile or username
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mrnaughty1980 Oct 31, 11:22AM
I’m also sick of 99% of the women on here being nothing but online whores who are just using this taboo side of sexually and mens lack of confidence about talking openly about their fetishes!
Surely this site should be for people who genuinely have a kinky side and want to talk openly, not for them to be shamed into paying some bored housewife to satisfy their needs and answer their questions.
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robix1 Dec 6, 05:03AM
they just want your credit card details so they can rob your bank account.

5 years ago

I am here to review since someone in one on the groups on Fetster posted about this site to give reviews.I have been on all the major bdsm sites, and for me Fetster is the best site period. I can’t comment about the admins because whenever I have an issue they take a long time to get back to me but they do eventually get back to me.One of the things I have found is when you find a stalker or a scammer you should flag the person not send in an abuse report because you get faster results with a flag. I think the site has done a good job with features but they need to have a faster admin response time. When I have questions about things I have to ask other users, or try to search on site help.I do like the fact that I can make or join groups send gifts, favorite, friend, blog, etc for free.Fetster gets an A rating from me.

5 years ago

More reputation management post, these post are fake. Same outline again, look at the patterns again.

5 years ago is a great site. Where else can you meet great people for free and not have to wade through a sea of scammers?.I have been on all the major bdsm sites and Fetster is the absolute best for me.I keep accounts at the other sites as well (CS FL) but for instant interaction I prefer Fetster.I can’t complain about a free site that gets rid of scammers and has no is 10 out of 10

5 years ago

Go on the fetster site and each page on the search is 30 people.

Search female in search bar, the people online will cover 1 page and hardly a second.

Search total online people, again 30 people in each page of the search you’ll see around 5 pages. 30 * 5 = 150

Again, out of the average 50 but usually under, you’ll find that most of them are bots, scammers, fakes, findoms, old, ugly, unresponsive, not in your area or doesn’t like you.

Not only that, you have to deal with the admins harassing you.

And from that, you have to find someone there, goodluck!

5 years ago

I love fetster it’s the best bdsm site on the web.

Since I found a blurb to this site on Fetster I wanted to write about how great the site is.

One thing I wonder is that every time there is a good review someone is trying to post a negative review Bashing the site.

This is either a psycho stalker or a competitor and Alexa cannot tell you male to female ratio in any accurate way.

The good news is that the site is great and I love it. It’s growing everyday and I am making good friends there and have met nice people.

Good job Fetster!

5 years ago

The only people who care so much to defend this scam website are the people who run the website themselves. Look how heated these people getting. There is already bad reviews way up there and then all of a sudden a string of good reviews in such a short amount of time. Look at the time intervals between each post. Look how detailed they advertise. Look at how they advertise on things that nobody cares about, look at how hard they try to look credible decent people, look at how they lie.

Look at the Alexa rankings and see the male to female ratio and you’ll see that
1 out of 3 people are women
and then see the average people logged on at the website is around 150,
which makes only 50 women active on the website on average
and out of the 50 you also have to include fakes, scammers, bots and findoms which are rampant around the site
and then out of those you have to try to meet someone there and probably not in your area.

Look at how the admins still don’t admit that they’re reviewing their own websites and look at their set of ethics and how dirty they go to not admit their lies, scams, mistakes and fraud.

Sutan of swing
5 years ago is a great site and that is why you see the same people coming back even after they have been booted for being jerk off rude morons.

In response to the above user the only reason women stop talking to you is because you have nothing they are interested in. It’s the whole site not you right? So every woman that shoots you down is fake? Get a life.

The admins are slow to respond but it’s a free site and they do kick fakes, scammers and cash queens.

I have had admins get on me before for things but they are pretty lax in my opinion it’s not like some sites where they give you a forever ban. I am pretty hardcore and nasty when I message people and you never know who is going to take offense. As a dom I am gonna tell it like it is to subs on the site.

It’s a good site. Good people.

5 years ago

We’ll let public opinion hang them after making fools of themselves here.

5 years ago

Lol Fetster an amazing website? Yeah, fake people and women who stop talking to you after a day is amazing. So amazing.

This site SUCKS!!!

5 years ago

Such an amazing website, and I totally recommend it.
They will always protect you from harassers and fake people.
I met this amazing guy some years ago through It and I can proudly say he still is in my live, and he’s the man I love.
No ads, easy to search people and so much fun.
I love it.
it rules.

5 years ago! Good stuff

Someone posted there was a site to review on so I will say this.

Fetster is a simply a great site that is free, and no ads. As far as the site being slow they have been moving and upgrading and testing for the last three months before they moved to better servers. Sites cost a lot of money to run as an IT and software person I can tell you it’s not free.

Does the site work? The bottom line is that I know a couple that are getting married that met
On the site and I have seen the same people on the site for years who use it as a social networking community.

Bummer for those that have bad experiences I am not one of them.

For me I have had met a few great ladies and I intend to stay on the site.

There is no rating system here so I will give it a ten out of ten.

5 years ago rocks rocks

I love

Sorry adposters and competition, sorry scammers and trolls, sorry men posing as women and money stealing fakedoms

Your games don’t work on

I love

5 years ago

Oh god where do I begin? Ok first there are no
Findoms on That alone is a reason
to love Qit. MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE IS FINDOMINA. I get that it is a kink but no thanks.They boot cash domina scammers so
DON’T complain if you are a dominatrix looking
for easy cash to support your shoe habit and your profile goes missing..

FETSTER.COM is a BDSM DATING SITE. It is for REAL RELATIONSHIPS it’s not a 24 hour ad server for SCAMMERS.

I like the community and the people they are real and I like the forums and the confessions.
Also I like free gifts and and and…..

Sorry findomina and cash scammers don’t cry because you got booted off a dating site for trying to take someone’s cash for nothing.

Real domina are local and I don’t mind paying local dominatrix to humiliate me, make me run errands or make my cry but for gods sake take my money in real life don’t try and scam me over the net you fakes.

I love finally real people.

5 years ago

This has gone beyond ludicrous. These people are making up for the past harassments they did by putting their own positive reviews on their own website.

5 years ago

I love fetster, it’s my new home. I like all the features, I love the community, and I love the people. The site is free with no annoying ads.I like that I can make groups and also search like a regular dating is a perfect 10 for me!

5 years ago is great. It’s my favorite site with
A ton of features and I have made a lot of
Friends there. The best thing is the friends I have made.

I don’t want to be forced to be stuck in a group and I Don’t want to give my phone number on signup, so in my 6 months on the site I can only
Say the the site has good options and great people.

5 years ago

Again, same style. Same exact subjects.

A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. The term, a reference to the manipulation of a simple hand puppet made from a sock, originally referred to a false identity assumed by a member of an Internet community who spoke to, or about, themselves while pretending to be another person.

5 years ago is the best around.I like that I don’t HAVE to give my phone number to SIGN UP and I have made many friends on the site. All you have to do is sign up and if youdont like it you leave! It’s a social networking site as well as a dating site and I prefer it to straight dating sites. I like the fact that they are proactive to verify people when they get enough flags on a person and they have done a good job getting rid of Stalkers and scammers that try andto hide their identity.I have become a verified user with no issues

5 years ago

The two reviews made were admins from the site. Don’t let their lies fool you. You can tell by two consecutive reviews near the same time.

5 years ago

I have not had any problems with Fetster .com
The slowness from what I understand is due to them upgrading to new servers which has already been done.

The site is free with no advertising and I don’t know how they do it. I am a professional dominatrix and the site is for BDSM dating they don’t allow any type of people just looking for cash for nothing. When I put up my profile they verified upon my request that I was real and they just asked me to take down any reference to being a financial dominatrix.

I don’t think anybody wants to go to a site with 1000 dominatrix advertising to them or a bunch of fakes and fin domina.

I certainly don’t want a bunch of fake subs wasting my time either.

I give an A plus rating for the great friends I have made on there.

5 years ago

I love fetster, I have met a lot of people and they
Are real. The admins are picky about pictures
And they did ask me for a clear picture to verify
But I am glad that they check things out.

I have been scammed on other sites by
Fake mistress before but at Fetster they really try and Look out for their users. They help you to watchOut for scams and every fin dom and African scammer I have reported has been removed.

I like that I don’t have to give a phone number to verify.

The main thing to remember is to get verified if you can send a clear pictures and don’t lie about your location like I did.

5 years ago

Made an account, messaged a large number of people, all the responses were phishing scams, a large percentage of the profiles seem to be fake, with many having the exact same paragraphs written in the profiles, sub profiles never respond and dom profiles always end up being phishing scams. Would not reccomend.

5 years ago

Why is the site so slow? I closed the tab and began using a new one but I keep waiting for the site to catch up and it never does. It is beyond frustrating.

5 years ago

This is under their terms of use:

We may, in our sole discretion, terminate or suspend Your access to all or part of the Service at any time, with or without notice, for any reason, including, without limitation, breach of this Agreement. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any fraudulent, abusive, or otherwise illegal activity that may otherwise affect the enjoyment of the Service or the Internet by others may be grounds for termination of Your access to all or part of the Service at our sole discretion, and You may be referred to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

(This mean they can do whatever the fuck they want to you, ask you for naked pictures, abuse you, stalk your information, fuck with you and, they updated these terms of use behind your back also)

Listed here are some further examples of the ways that we collect personal information directly from You and how we use it. Follow-Up and Surveys From time to time, we may send You a follow-up letter to thank You for Your use of the Website, or we may contact You to ensure that You are completely satisfied. We may use contact information collected online to conduct occasional surveys and other customer research. These surveys are entirely voluntary and You may easily decline to participate. Our Website Our Website can be browsed anonymously but not using TOR or like service,…

(They want to be able to track you so they can fuck with you)

In some cases, we automatically collect certain information. Our Website When using our Website, we may collect the Internet Protocol (IP) address of Your computer, the IP address of Your Internet Service Provider, the date and time You access our Website, the Internet address of the web site from which You linked directly to our Website, the operating system You are using, the Internet browser You are using, the sections of the Website You visit, the Website pages read and images viewed, and the content You download from the Website.

(They actually look at your IP address and they know every link you click)

The security of Your personal information is a high priority for us. However, no system can be completely secure. While takes steps to secure Your information, we do not promise, and You should not expect, that Your personal information will always remain secure. In the event of a security breach, you agree to indemnify, and hold harmless and all officers, directors, owners, agents, information providers, affiliates, licensors and licensees (collectively, the “Indemnified Parties”) from and against any and all liability and costs, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred by the Indemnified Parties in connection with any claim arising out of any breach by You of this Agreement or the foregoing representations, warranties and covenants. You shall cooperate as fully as reasonably required in the defense of any such claim. reserves the right, at its own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter subject to indemnification by You.

(They’re not responsible when your information is compromised and they don’t give a fuck if you’re fucked over, infact, you’re supposed to defend them if their shit sucks)

VERIFICATION OF USER, USER PHOTO, AGE, IDENTITY AND LOCATION has a zero tolerance for fake, and underage profiles. Although we cannot and do not check each profile makes every effort to stop fradulent and underage profiles with the help of reporting from the Community can, at random, with or without reason, at any time, and without notice demand to see Identifying information including but not limited to: Drivers Licenses. Identification cards, passports, or any other Identification deemed necessary by to verify the the Age, Gender, Profile photos, posted photos, Location, or Identity of any user at any time. can also request telephone verification, by requesting the phone number of any user, and communicating with that user, as well as using other means necessary to identify the location age and gender of a user.

(They use this as an excuse so they can creep on you, everything and even you driver’s license for crying out loud, your passport, and the naked pictures they demand. They want to gain as much information on you while covering their own. The admins have several fake profiles themselves with misleading pictures, usually hiding their faces, differing their age and you can tell its their profile when they talk about making a donation to their “charity” or transport items. Some admin accounts and their secondary: NEITH, MistressL, MistressL2, Dominasian, MistressXYZ, mesohungry, MistressLsPet1)

We do not allow the use of the TOR network, Anonymous Proxy, Virtual Proxy Networks or like services on this site, due to the potential for users to abuse, stalk, commit fraud and or engage in harassment of our users. Users understand that we may investigate and attempt to identify the location and identity of users who use anonymous proxy services to ensure the safety of our users against illegal activity including but not limited to terrorist activity, threats against our users, financial scams, stalking etc.

(They just said under INFORMATION WE MAY COLLECT DIRECTLY FROM YOU “Our Website Our Website can be browsed anonymously but not using TOR or like service,..” but then now they say you cannot browse anonymously at all. They’ve been abusing alot of people and then when people browse anonymously, it goes against their interest because they want full control over you)

All profiles created on are to be created with the intent to convey honest and truthful information in order to form positive and meaningful relationships with other users. Creators of the profile shall have accurate information to the extent of the following:
1. Country or Countries they are located in. You do not have to indicate counties, states or provinces but we do not want scammers from nigeria pretending they are looking for a relationship in another.
2. Accurate gender. We do not want men pretending they are women, or women pretending to be men etc in order to manipulate or mislead others
3. Accurate relationship status. Married and open relationships poly and polygamy are fine, but we do not want married people, or people living with others to lie and mislead users into believing something that is not real. Just tell the truth.
Profiles shall not be created for any purposes that could be considered misleading including but not limited to, relationship scams, marketing scams, joke profiles, scam profiles, fraud profiles, marriage scams, redirection to other websites or services involved in pay or marketing schemes, picture collecting, evidence gathering, information gathering, revenge, news reporting, television reality shows, research, etc

(They lie and mislead all the time, they don’t tell the truth at all, infact they participate in relationship scams, scam profiles, fraud profiles, services involved in pay or marketing schemes, pretty much all of the above. They only are saying this because they are the scammers and don’t want shit to happen to them )

Your right to use the Service is subject to any limitations, conditions and restrictions established by us from time to time, in our sole discretion. We may alter, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Service at any time, including the availability of any Service feature, database or content. We may also impose limits on certain features and aspects of the Service or restrict Your access to parts or all of the Service without notice or liability and for any reason.

(If you try anything back to them, they’ll modify these terms of use again without your notice so they can harass you and get away with it)

5 years ago

The admin deleted my profile because he claimed I ”didn´t post a photo of myself on my profile page and that was illegal”.
Strange because he´s profile picture is a photo of Shiva taken from the internet…

5 years ago

I created an account and was deleted. Created another one and it was deleted. Created a 3rd one and was also deleted. Apparently, they keep deleting my profile because I refuse to post pictures of myself naked and my face.

5 years ago

I am a Pro-Domme and I joined Fetster about a 2 months ago.
Without explanation, a little over one month after I joined the site, my profile was deleted. Sent a message to Tech Support, nothing. Sent another to Admin, again nothing. Waited almost 2 weeks for reply and got none.
Thought maybe the site was having troubles or maybe someone thought I was a fake and reported me so I decided to sign up and had to make a new profile, only to be deleted again less than a week later.

Honestly, I have never posted pictures of myself, never been harassed by Admin nor did I receive any tribute coming from members of Fetster because most of them are time wasters (sorry, but it´s true!).

My advice is: DON`T JOIN THE SITE. They will delete your profile, over and over again, without notice or even a word of explanation and Admin won´t even bother to reply to your messages.

Steve P.
5 years ago

After being harrassed for turning town a “MistressL” on the site i suddenly was finding my account was being erased, i figured a glitch so made another account and it was deleted a day or less later. Their main issue with me it seems was i didnt agree with having to “tribute” before i could speak with someone and get to know them better. They say its a zero fake/findom site but i think that is bogus, try it out….get an account and message a Dom/Domme. Simply tell them you want to know more about them before you make any tributes, i guarantee your account vanishes over night. This site is a money scam, maybe not illegal but still a scam.

Proxy G
6 years ago

I’ve made a suggestion in the chat box, nothing harmful. Just telling that there should be a picture rating feature (PG or XXX) so we can hide specific photos from appearing. The chat got removed without explanation. I guess free speech isn’t allowed at fetster?

Also the site is really slow. Takes forever to load during peak hours. There isn’t any mobile version so it’s hard to navigate.

Anonymous sub
6 years ago

I recently made an account on Fetster and the admin removed all my pictures, posted on my profile saying I was a fake. Sending the admin my phone number was a requirement, so I did so. Now he has been harassing me on my phone for days. I even fulfilled his demand to post a pic with my face, and a sign with my username, the date, etc. I sent him my drivers license to show my true age since he refused to believe I am of age. (I censored the other information besides my birthday, to protect myself.) He claimed my pics werent clear enough, which was false. All this admin does is scare genuine people away from his site. He tried to tell me I’m not a real submissive just because I refused to let him, a stranger, invade my personal life.

Don’t join this site if you want your privacy ignored and taken advantage of. The admin seems to think all subs should obey him or else they aren’t real. He has no respect for anybody. I don’t like the idea of a site where the admin can change your profile and screw you over without warning. I hope he gets shut down permanently.

6 years ago

I love, it’s the best BDSM dating site on the internet , at least for me. The girls are young and single, the guys are normal and there are alot of newbies. I don’t have to joing groups to find people, I am not limited to messaging, and I can create groups. Most important, they boot off fakes, advertisers, scammers, and they have warnings all over the site about it. I like that I am constantly reminded to verify people are real so I don’t get scammed. I have had zero luck on other sites but I have made real friends all over so I like the place. That guy above most likely was banned for PROMOTING as he says.

Master L
6 years ago

Fetster Banned Me for promoting safe sane consensual. And they blocked My IP addressee. Google “BDSM Basics: Male Dominant Acid Test (A Guide for New Submissives)”
Seems to be a big scam to get male subs to send money to their online ‘mistresses”
This site is an F minus!!!

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