A gag is a device that’s worn in mouth in many different kinky situations. They’re most often seen in scenes involving bondage And D/s, but the variety of gags available make them easy to implement in pretty much any type of kinky play.

Types of Gags

Ball GagsBall Gag

A ball often made of rubber or silicone that has a strap either attached or running through it. The ball is placed in the wearers mouth and the straps go around the head to secure it in place.

Ball Gags are typically used for humiliation purposes instead of silence, as the wearer can still make plenty of noise around the gag. However, making noise often leads to excessive drool.

Wiffle GagsWiffle Gag

Wiffle gags are very similar to ball gags in that a spherical object is strapped into the mouth. Wiffle gags are typically made from a light plastic and the ball itself is full of plenty of holes to aid in airflow.

Wiffle gags are considered a safer alternative to the average ball gag due to the increased airflow. The holes in the gag help the wearer to breathe more easily.

Bit GagsBit Gag

Bit gags are styled after the bits worn by horses, and as such are often associated with Pony Play. Unlike the bits worn by horses, bit gags are usually comprised of soft rubber cylinders. They are placed horizontally in the mouth of the wearer, and are attached to the head via straps, harness, or chains.

Due to the potential damage that could be done to the wearers lips, bit gags should not be used for rough play.

Butterfly GagsButterfly Gag

A butterfly gag is usually a wing shaped gag that is typically inflatable. The central portion of the gag fits behind the wearers teeth, and the wings fit between the teeth and the lips.

It’s often very difficult to keep a butterfly gag in the mouth of the wearer, as it’s very easy to spit it out. This is why other implements, such as an O-ring or some form of face mask are often used in conjunction with the butterfly gag.

There is virtually no airflow around a butterfly gag. It’s very important to remember to play safely.

Ring GagsRing Gag

A ring gag is very similar in composition to a ball gag. A metal or silicone ring with a hole in the center is placed vertically in the mouth of the wearer, behind the teeth, and is fastened to the head with straps, chains, or a harness.

The ring allows for plenty of airflow, but often leads to excessive drooling. If the ring is big enough, oral sex may even be performed.

Spider GagsSpider Gag

A spider gag is a variant of the ring gag, and is even sometimes called a Second Generation Ring Gag. With a spider gag, the O-ring has horizontal bars on each side that sit outside the mouth. These prevent the wearer from flipping the ring over horizontally in their mouth.

Spider gags allow maximum airflow, and are considered more functional than decorative. They often come with various sizes of ring to accommodate the wearers mouth size and/or any object that may be put into the mouth. It’s also important to note that the spider gag, like the ring gag, causes a ridiculous amount of drooling.

Medical GagsWhitehead Gag

Medical gags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functions. The most commonly used medical gags are gags used in medical and/or dental procedures. Gags like the Whitehead gag and the Jennings gag allow unlimited access to the mouth.

Due to the uninhibited airflow, breathing is very easy in medical gags. However, medical gags alone do virtually nothing to silence the wearer and also lead to a lot of drool.

Cleave GagsCleave Gag

A cleave gag is a very simplistic gag. It’s usually some kind of cloth like material. A cleave gag is tied around the head of the wearer and fits between the teeth.

Cleave gags can almost always be spit out be the wearer, no matter how tightly they’re tied. The wearer can also speak fairly clearly though a cleave gag, although the words come out muffled. There’s very little drool with a cleave gag.


Over the Mouth gags (OTM) are another super simple type of gag. OTM Gags are simply a piece of cloth (Like a bandana or a scarf) tied around the head of the wearer in a way that covers the mouth.

OTM gags are also called Detective Gags due to the fact that they started showing up in popular culture via 1900’s film serials. This is also partly why OTM gags are popular is Damsel in Distress type scenes.

OTN GagsOTN (Over The Nose) Gag or Bandit Gag

Over the Nose gags (OTN) are similar to OTM gags. The key difference is the coverage of the nose. OTN Gags are not particularly efficient when it comes to silencing the wearer. They are mostly used for aesthetic purposes. They’re also sometimes called Bandit gags, based on the masks that bandits wear.

Forniphilic Gags
Forniphilic Gag
Forniphilic gags are gags that act as a mounting point for a variety of tools or objects. Popular attachments for Forniphilic gags include vibrators, toilet brushes, ash trays,  and feather dusters.

These gags are commonly used as a means of humiliating and/or objectifying the wearer, and are commonly used with bound hands.

Funnel GagsFunnel Gag

A funnel gag is a gag intended to force the wearer to drink a fluid. Funnel Gags have a tube that leads to the mouth, and a funnel at the top. They are often held in place with some sort of harness or straps.

Funnel Gags are often used in conjunction with watersports. It’s important to remember to play safely with funnel gags, as choking or drowning could occur with the forced consumption of fluids.

Harness GagsHarness Gag

A harness gag is a gag that is mostly comprised of straps that encircle the head. Often it has buckles, O-rings, and D-rings that provide attachment points for other types of gags and/or bondage.

A harness gag may be used as a gag without the usual ball or bit by restricting jaw movement by means of a strap.

Inflatable GagsInflatable Gag

Inflatable gags are often some type of rubber balloon that is placed in the mouth and then inflated through a tube via hand pump. Inflatable Gags come in a variety of shapes, and some come with additional straps or a harness to help hold them in place.

Size is an important factor when it comes to inflatable gags. If an inflatable gag is slightly too large for the wearer and/or is inflated beyond a certain point…it can cause choking. It’s important to play safely.

Mouth CorsetsMouth Corset

A mouth corset is an extended form of the neck corset that covers the wearers neck and mouth. Mouth corsets are very effective gags, as the wearer is unable to open their mouth due to the restriction of the lower jaw and the back lacing holds the material very tightly against the mouth.

Despite how effective the mouth corset is (or perhaps due to how effective it is) it’s also very dangerous for the wearer. Should the wearer begin to choke, the lacing makes removal a lengthy process. It’s important to play safely when using mouth corsets.

MuzzlesMuzzle Gag

A muzzle gag is very similar to an OTM gag, only it’s made of rubber or leather instead of the usual cloth like material. It’s also fastened to the head via straps or harness instead of being tied. It has a flexible pad that covers the mouth, and sometimes the cheeks, jaw, and chin. Muzzles may have additional attachments that are to be inserted into the mouth.

Muzzle gags are often used for humiliation or puppy play due to the association with the muzzles used on animals.

PacifiersPacifier Gag

Pacifiers (or binkies) are gags that need no alteration. They’re designed to be soft and to fit comfortably in the mouth. Pacifiers can be held in place via tape,muzzle, or any type of OTM gag if necessary.

Pacifiers pose no inherent danger to the wearer, and are most often used for humiliation scenes and in adult baby play.

Panel GagsPanel Gag

Panel gags are almost identical to muzzles. Panel Gags have a flexible pad that covers the mouth of the wearer. The pad may have attachments intended to full the mouth of the wearer. The pad itself is secured to the head via string or strap. Versions of the panel gag that attach via harness are known as muzzle gags.

Penis Gags
Penis Gag or Pecker Gag
Penis gags (or pecker gags) are panel gags or muzzle gags with a phallic attachment intended to fill the mouth of the wearer. The phallus may be inflatable, flat, or bulb-like. Penis Gags are intended to add eroticism to the gag experience or possibly as a means of humiliation.

A penis gag may also be another term for a Forniphilic Gag with a dildo attachment that allows the wearer to pleasure their partner. Some penis gags serve both functions depending on which direction you point the phallus when attaching the gag.

Tape GagsTape Gag

Tape gags are some of the most convenient gags. When no other gags are available, tape gags are often used. A tape gag is simply a piece of tape (sometimes multiple pieces) placed over the mouth. Tape gags can be layered over the mouth or even wrapped completely around the head.

Sometimes tape gags are used in conjunction with stuff gags. This combination can effectively silence the wearer, but has a high risk for asphyxiation. Tape can also pull off the top layer of skin and pull out hair.  It’s important to play safely when using tape gags.

Stuff GagsStuff Gag

A stuff gag is very similar in concept to a ball or wiffle gag, but usually much more convenient. A stuff gag is generally any type of cloth you have on hand wadded into a ball and then stuffed into the mouth. This could be anything from a scarf to a pair of panties. Often times the cloth isn’t stuffed fully into the mouth, but is allowed to hang out a bit so that it can be pulled out  quickly if necessary.

Stuff gags are pretty effective when it comes to silencing the wearer, but on their own they can be spit out rather easily. This is why stuff gags are usually secured by tape gags or panel gags. Although if used in this manner, a stuff gag proves to be more dangerous to the wearer, being more likely to cause asphyxiation. Remember to play safely.