What is Pet Play?

Pet play is a type of role play that involves one or more people acting as an animal. Usually the submissive partner is the animal while the dominant partner is the owner/trainer. In some cases the dominant partner is the animal to help facilitate more primal interactions (ie. holding down the submissive with a bite to the neck) but this is not as common. Pets are normally trained to behave in the particular manner their owner wants. They are often taught tricks, play with toys, have a pet bed or cage, and are punished when they’re bad.

PuppiesPuppy Girl - Puppy Play

Kittiescat girl - petgirl - pet play

Ponygirl - Pony PlayPonies

Role playing horses or ponies is known as Pony Play, and is a pretty common form of animal role play.

CowsCow Girl - Hucow

HuPig - pig roleplay - human livestockPigs

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