What Is Humiliation?


verb \hyü-ˈmi-lē-ˌāt, yü-\
to make (someone) feel very ashamed or foolish
to reduce to a lower position in one’s own eyes or others’ eyes

Sometimes known as erotic humiliation,  this is the practice of humiliating a willing participant (usually psychologically or physically) in order to excite or arouse them. This humiliation doesn’t always have to be sexual in nature due to the fact that the arousal tends to hinge on the resultant feelings instead of the means by which those feelings are brought about.

The usual methods of humiliation focus on verbally or physically humiliating a partner. Tactics are generally customized for the party being humiliated because not everyone feels humiliated by the same things. Things like being forced to crawl instead of walk, being made to go out in public in clothes that are too small, or oinking like a pig may be completely humiliating for one person yet have absolutely no effect on another.

It’s important that humiliation is consensual as it could potentially trigger bad emotional or psychological reactions from any party involved. This is why humiliation is considered a form of edge play by some.