What is Pony Play?

Pony PlayPony play is one of the oldest forms of pet play, and has been around for centuries. It is a type of role play wherein the bottom assumes the role of a pony or horse. Pony play can, but doesn’t always, combine aspects of BDSM. There is usually some degree of domination and submission and some amount of bondage and/or discipline. However, pony play comes in wide variety of flavours, as such it’s difficult to succinctly describe pony play as a whole. We can delve into the different types of pony play, but always remember that everyone plays a little differently.

Forced Pony Play

Forced pony play is a consensual type of pony play (Remember! All play must be consensual, even if you pretend it isn’t!) in which the bottom still considers themselves to be human, but is compelled by the top to behave as an animal. This dehumanization plays up the aspects of humiliation and degradation.

Equine Role Play

Equine role play is a type of pony play wherein the human “becomes” a horse/pony and no longer identifies with their human persona while in the pony role. This type of pony play focuses more on role play than any aspects of humiliation or degradation. (After all, why would a pony feel bad for simply being a pony?)

Within the two simplified categories of pony play, there are several subcategories that may overlap with one another. The category that each subcategory falls under may change the nature/mood of the play, but all in all it’s similar across the board.

Male Riding Pony With SaddleRiding Ponies

Ponies that are trained to be ridden. This can be done on two legs or four, and bareback or with a saddle.

Female Show Pony Pulling A CartShow Ponies

Ponies that are trained with a focus on form and/or presentation. This may include aspects such as proper gait, posture, or modelling things like equipment or tack.

Cart PoniesCart Ponies

Ponies that pull carts on two or four legs. Typically they provide short-distance transport for the top.

Equipment is usually another important factor in pony play. While you technically do not need equipment to participate in pony play (Think of all those piggy back rides you’ve given), certain equipment may add to the pony feel.

Popular equipment used in pony play can involve bit gags, saddles, harnesses, reins, riding crops, and maybe even a realistic horse mask. The equipment used is based on individual preferences and/or budget. (Pony play gear can get pretty pricey.)