How To Explore

Just try to imagine yourself entering a new class. You have all those preoccupations in mind; you’re timid but at the same time thrilled to learn new things, meet new friends and your new teacher. Well, in this class we are your teacher!

Trying to explore the kinky world gives you a chance to discover your inner goddess, and maybe even help her start doing the merengue with some salsa moves! We will introduce a variety of kinky topics, but it is your decision when it comes to what kind of play you want to try and who you want to engage these with.

Look through our material and find the kinks that are best for you. Are you the type who who would love to be at the mercy of someone, playing the role of the defenseless and powerless just to give him/her pleasure? How about the idea of being the boss and taking charge of the play you’re doing? We cover so many topics, the possibilities are endless.

Once you have educated yourself, we recommend giving them a go in the real world. Leave vanilla for now and try to be creative in bed. Doing things that you’ve only ever imagined before or even things that never even crossed your mind will definitely  supercharge your love life.