Review of Collarspace.comIs a scam/fake site?

No. is a legitimate profile/community site with free membership.

What is is a kinky profile/community site with a focus on BDSM.

Everyone’s Kinky Grade B- Site Type Profile/Community
Community Rating n/a Cost Free
Feature Rating 8/10 Status Active


More Details on is the site born out of the death of It boasts that it’s the “largest BDSM community on the planet” and offers quite a few features.


Searchable profiles: The search feature on collarspace is actually pretty advanced. Unlike other sites you can search for a variety of different variables such as age, sexuality, weight, and even what interests they have selected.

Message Boards: The collarspace message boards are actually separate from the collarspace domain. Known as CollarChat, the message boards require a new login and aren’t linked to your collarspace profile at all.

Chat Rooms: Collarspace offers a variety of user made and moderated IRC chatrooms on site . Collarspace only has text based chat, and has lost the video chat feature it once had when it was

Journals: The site offers several journal options, and all of them are public. Users can write notes, and record videos or audio clips for other users on the site to watch, listen to, or read.

Free Messaging: Collarspace offers free messaging for all of it’s members. You can send and receive messages to/from any user at any time. It’s up to you whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

A Questionable Userbase: Collarspace has always gotten criticised for the type of audience the site seems to attract. Due to the amount of free features available to users, it seems to attract quite a few scammers and the morally grey.

All in all, Collarspace is a good site with a potentially annoying crowd.


Did we miss anything? Tell us about your experience with!



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1 year ago

Hi Guys, I’ve been a user on CS for years, as far back as when it was, “CM,” so I have seen a lot of its devolution, sadly.

One excellent feature that has been lost is that of the journal entry. On a conciliatory note, already entered journals remain visible on older profiles (which is a sign they are older).

By now, I think everyone knows it takes weeks to months to pass their proclaimed approval process, so that by the time your new profile is approved, you forget you had one!

Even more infuriating is that support is a hoax. I have written a few support emails over the years, from different profiles, and never once received any response. Most recently, they would not approve an older profile of mine that I was trying to reboot, their vague reasoning given as:
We were regrettably not able to approve this profile.  Please refer to the terms of service for information on our website policies.

The chat option only worked well for me once in 12 years.

People with good intentions continue to use that site because the interface is much easier than that of FL; people with bad intentions use it because there is a lot of innocent, ignorant prey on there, unfortunately.

An 133
2 years ago

More criticism regarding Collarspace,
Quite some days ago we thought it correct to update our ages on the site and as a consequence find ourselves in the process of ‘being reviewed’, without being able to reply to e-mail for some undefined time. As a matter of fact lasting since September 1st. Extremely negative criticism seems in place. Moreover, our profile for many years cannot even be found any more.
We also found out that ‘being reviewed’ makes it impossible to reach the support option (helpdesk). So there is no alternative but to wait, until in the goodness of their hearts, it pleases collarspace to ‘allow us back in’ (probably only to correctly sign off to our contacts and cancel our account).
Another point of criticism deals with the additional necessity to the verification string to log in. Especially the ‘O’ and the ‘Q’ (amongst others) are difficult to distinguish for people with a diminished eyesight.
All the hassle had converted collarspace from a platform connecting people into an obstacle course with the aim to disconnect them. ‘Compliments’ seem in place.

2 years ago

I think the site has closed down. Opened a profile a month ago and it’s still not active. No response from support either. It might be on auto pilot

3 years ago

Worst site ever. Does not allow edits to profiles without approvals (which is fine, but the one time i made an edit, it took 5 weeks to get a response and then it was rejected). Approvals on new accounts?…. I created a new profile…6 weeks later, still waiting for “approval”. Avoid this site, not necessarily because of the content, but because of the management.

Bruce B
3 years ago

I get redirected to when I want to create a new profile.,Now I am locked out…havent been for years… whats up with collarspace

3 years ago

There have been no new profiles accepted since 4/20/18. This site seems to be slowly dying.

3 years ago

The people that own this site are a MESS. I was on CollarSpace WAY back when it was CollarMe and when the site operated with a modicum of integrity. Then they went ghost leaving the world to wonder where their profiles were, etc and popped back up a new name and with only ONE of the Originals. Obviously NOT the one with a brain. I had 18 years of journal entries (I’m a writer) and everything else just disappear 2 days ago. 18 years of journal entries gone. All my pics, my whole profile. And while that would be fine if I had done something unsavory but I only signed on to the site every few days to update journal and to check mail. I don’t even DO anything that would warrant that type of disciplinary action. Cliff notes: CollarSpace is the worst “BDSM” site on the net and the owners are the most clueless losers I’ve never wanted to meet. Zero out of 5 stars. Losers.

3 years ago

this site is Filled with Scammers Fakes Flakes and wannabe Fantasy Players

3 years ago

MARVELLOUS for me. I could spend all day there, have some lovely friends.mmm

gina coola
4 years ago

i joined collar space 4 days ago and can not send or receive messages and no one can see my profile,, support does not answer me


thank you

gina coola
4 years ago

i just joined collar space 4 days ago and i can see my profile but no one else can and i can not send or receive messages i send message to CS support but never get an answer,,any one help me get this straightened out…..thank you

Not me
4 years ago

Don’t go to collarspace with a fantasy a deep dark fantasy because then you will have users claiming to be the police from a different state and try to have you arrested for attempted murder when they were the ones talking about that part not you.

4 years ago

The problem with collarspace is that they allow multiple profiles so if you have a site with multiple profiles for the same person does that make you the largest BDSM community or does it make you a site that’s bloated with spammers and the morally Grey it’s just something to think about if you if you truly find yourself a dominant and you’re seeking a submissive or slave it’s very hard to navigate collarspace effectively because so many of the Doms slaves and Subs refuse common sense meeting protocols there’s always a rush to have a one-sided online chat where the Dom for professional reasons to show his picture but you the submissive has to show yours

4 years ago

I dont agree, there are a lot of genuine people on there, you just have to sift through the dross…..

4 years ago

It has become nothing but a scam site. Every profile wants money up front or after chatting awhile. 98% is scam.

4 years ago

All of a sudden I am blocked by cloud . What’s going on

4 years ago

Can not access the site.

4 years ago

Can anyone tell me if CollarSpace is now kaput? It’s been down for half a day, hasn’t been letting people post new profiles reliably and they haven’t been responding to email.

The site had it’s problems, but I made a lot of friends there and would like to see it continued.


Jeanette Harrison
4 years ago

Had a profile, got super frustrated, deleted my profile. Now i cant seem to make a new one, continually says verification string doesnt match. I guess they dont want any new people. Please someone make a good working website that is moderated for kink people . Fet life is not really for match making.

4 years ago

How can I contact the support to tell them the error that pupped – up when I try to join the community?

4 years ago

It’s not allowing me to subscribe, every time I put the verification string. It says verification string does not match

4 years ago

Trying to subscribe, but every time it says the verification string does not match.

4 years ago

lots of time is the site down or server not reachable

4 years ago

Unfortunately, collarspace,while filled with whores that pose as mistresses, married people posing as available, and gay somalis scratching in the dirt and trying to get you to send them money to relocate them to be your sex slave forever, is the best kink site there is.
Notice how this site typically only shows reviews of other pay sites. You think pay sites have less fakes, no way. When Holly madison was hacked a few years ago, it was revealed that MOST of the profiles on the site are fake. They are created and or tolerated by the site hosts, because they drive revenue, by fooling paying people to think that there really are lots of girls on the site. It is all BS.

lavator fletcher
4 years ago

Do you have moderators?

4 years ago

This site is ripe with scammers and fake ‘findommes’ who do nothing but waste your time. There is literally no moderation or security on this site and scammers create new profiles daily by the hundreds and they never get reviewed or deleted so finding a real person is next to impossible, regardless of how much common sense you use. Save yourself the frustration and sign up for Fetlife. At least someone is paying attention there. CS is on autopilot and heading right into the ground.

4 years ago

As with anything it is what you make of it. Sure some are scammers, as anywhere.But I have met some very cool dommes from here. Just use common sense. (yeah, common sense?…lol)

Arya Kumar
4 years ago

I am looking for Mistress in India and ready for Online also. But I cant find right Mistress who real Mistress, some Mistress demand for Money and I cant afford. If any girls in India or Surrounding Ahmedabad please call me on 9723053100.

Use common sense
4 years ago

I am a woman, employed, I own a car, and rent a house. I have never requested money from anyone on the site, nor do I steal photos. I met my partner of almost 5 years on Collarspace. Not everyone on Collarspace is a con artist or some sort of time-waster. Just like every other dating site out there, one must have discernment and good taste when attempting to meet complete strangers.

4 years ago

Better then fetlife where a few years ago Groups john disliked Got deleated. Better then fetlife where Bitlove inc employees have been Blatantly known to use mod powers to Bully and harrass people for friends. Better then fetlife cause i Have not Had an occurance to Be Yelled at by staff for Doxing a Known Registered violant sex offender… that the owner had been aware of and the Mods 10 complaints about the person and they were in absolute violation of the TOU.

So yeah there are fakes anf Finwhores…. But enh the owner didn’t Slash away a secition of the communiuty cause his credit card processor said Yeah this content needs to be like whole sale deleted ((I mean Jason Scott didn’t even show up it was that suddon))… or no $$$….

OOOOH OOOH As far as i know Collar spaces owner has never been investigated by a federal police force For sexual misconduct involving a minor!

Been on since collarme and its not to bad its bads better then other sites worse problems

4 years ago

There are way to many fakes on Collarspace. People who just want money, maybe they should just get a job

5 years ago

It’s basically a chat site. No one is actually looking, there. It’s either scammers or people creating an online fantasy for themselves. If you are looking to actually meet someone, not the site for you.

5 years ago

Ive been on booth cm and cs yes there a lot looking for that gas money too get too there so called mate.many cant even prove they have a car or a drivers lic i have had a few show up or i just drove too them transported them here.most did,nt have jobs too quit most only had a garbage. Bag full of belongings. There full id s given. Freely some told the truth others were just wanting to get out paying rent some place eles

5 years ago

CS is the worst adult site on the web. It is full of scammers who will ask for your email or photos so they sell it to other adult sites, fakers who aren´t subs nor Dommes and are only there to dump their daily frustrations and time wasters… on both sides. Half are only there looking for free sex workers and the other half are only there looking for easy money.That´s why they never get along and they spend months looking for the ”right one”. Yet they still try because it´s free… Well, just because it´s a free site doesn´t mean it´s a good one. I´ve also heard that admins make up fake profiles and will send messages to verify what you are offering on the site.

5 years ago

The only technical issue I have with the site is that its mobile version does not work at all, and when I am on a mobile device I an automatically sent there when I try to see profiles or mail.

The normal site works well, but a bit slowly.

Mistress May
5 years ago

I’ve met some very genuine people over the years through this site. It’s true that when collarme changed to collarspace due to the founders splitting acrimoniously, the new site has suffered (seems like the current owner is lacking in responsible parenting skills and respect for his ex partner). Many guys on the site sseem to have such unrealistic expectations of women or simply want wank fodder. And now the site is unreachable – seems ominous.

5 years ago

The site goes up and down.. But I personally have hooked up with several super kinky subs from the site. So it has real people on it for sure.

5 years ago

trying to get on is awful, they always have server problems

5 years ago

I’ve been using the site since the beginning as collarme.come and I have met quite a few girls from the site. I have had some scammer ask for money, I just didn’t send it. I have learned to sort the trash from the good, and that is what is needed on any website.

It has huge issue with the entire way the site operates, from the instant messaging client to the email and the current way that new users are not allowed to email photos through the site.

However, it is free… so, not much room to complain.

5 years ago

All these dumb complaints. The site is FREE, there are just as many fakes on this site as any other (alt, fet), and people have problems IF they violate TOS.

5 years ago

It’s hard to tell if there are any real users on the site. I know for sure that running a google image search on profile photos very often results in evidence that the pics are fakes and have been stolen from the internet, some even have scammer identifier tags on them when you search them. I have yet to meet anyone on collarspace who didn’t set up a meeting and ask me to send them money so they could come see me. They always have one excuse or another for why I can’t come see them. Frankly, the offer of renting a vacation rental in their town and sending a cab to pick them up at or near their house is usually met with silence because they realize they aren’t going to be able to scam me. I also ask for some kind of photo or respectful cam chat just so we both know the other is for real. I’ve never had anyone from the site willing to prove they aren’t posting fake pics or lying about who they are. In my opinion, real users cycle through the site and give up on it within a couple of weeks of setting up a profile. Don’t waste your time on CollarSpace.

5 years ago

be good if it worked consistently, always operating problems slow or difficult to access and very often half the features dont work .

5 years ago

CollarMe/CollarSpace is a site just like AFF/ALT however it is free to message and see profiles where as ALT and AFF charge just to see profiles much less message because you can’t till you pay and join.

All adult sites are full of scammers and fakes, it is up to the person looking to figure that out of whom is and whom is not.

CollarSpace however is not functioning properly now days. July it went down for three days to some areas, now as of yesterday has gone down again to certain areas.

It is a ok place but needs improvement in the reliability area and when ones send messages of improper or illegal activities to immediately do something about it asap.

5 years ago

I am getting a white solit line when I check new members when that come up you Has to start again can any one help on this
I am ready to bump this site

5 years ago

about half are fake and the other half are looking for money… its impossible to find a relationship here or any kind of mutual friendship…. the site is a joke…..

5 years ago

I’ve been trying to access the site for days now and it says it’s down? Cloudflare has an error page that comes up when trying to connect to the site

5 years ago

it is constantly unavailable, even though checking says it is working , just times out non stop, now seems cloudflare has an interest

5 years ago

The site owner and his admins are very capricous. Do not DARE to complain about the “largest BDSM community” actually being comprised of old profiles (2+ years untouched) and what are obvious scammers. I am pretty sure he gets some kind of kickbacks from some scammers or something, that or he is just THAT lazy.

Anyone that touches their fragile bubble is summarily kicked/banned/profile in limbo. NOT a safe place. So I don’t know why this site lists it as so.

5 years ago

Hi all so you think ,scammers , fakes, money grabbers . It is up to you yourself to filter out each and every one of them. That is the chance you take just like in a pub you see a pretty girl you say nice but what do you think would she want you to take h ere and slap her in chains Yes or no your choose . Just enjoy talking to some one if ant thing come of it great but if not move on stop worrying about fakes scammers and so on you should be able to tell if you are experienced enoughSo look Talk if you get on You can touch it is that easy See you on the other side

5 years ago

Ask anyone …. theres never been a match Ive heard of since the beginning … what a waste of timecand engergy

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